Welcome to the new home of Elliott Yeary Gallery at FOUR ONE NINE: 501 E. Hyman, #106 Next to JÜS cafe/juice bar.

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Selling Unique Fine Jewelry : a 25 year passion

Selling Unique Fine Jewelry : a 25 year passion

A lifetime love of unique jewelry. Why we do what we do. Our passion for selecting special fine jewelry for our wonderful clientele. Shop our small business that features fine jewelry along with art, fashion, and accessories in Aspen, Colorado.

For over twenty five years, our path in the world of fine jewelry has been a powered by a profound passion and love for beautiful things. It's not just about the sparkling stones, the craftsmanship, the creative designers that forge the jewelry. It is about the joy a carefully chosen piece can create. Whether it is selecting an item that truly expresses something about yourself, commemorating a special event, creating a lasting memory, or an heirloom to be enjoyed for multiple generations. While fine jewelry is an adornment, we select pieces that go beyond that for our clients to select from. They are keepsakes that make the wearer feel truly special. Thank you for shopping with us and letting us share our passion with you. - Kelly + Kristin


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